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ONB Bank and Trust Co. v. Kwok

Court of Appeals of Oklahoma, Division IV

October 16, 2017

JULIA KWOK and WILLIAM R. SATTERFIELD, Defendants/Appellants,
MINGO ENERGY, LLC, Intervenor/Appellee.

          Mandate Issued: 04/25/2018


          John W. Moody, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Defendant/Appellant Julia Kwok

          E. Diane Hinkle, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for Defendant/Appellant William R. Satterfield

          Michael D. Colvin, Jude T. Barreneche, FIDELITY NATIONAL LAW GROUP, Dallas, Texas, and Garry M. Gaskins, II, Logan L. James, DRUMMOND LAW, PLLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Intervenor/Appellee


         ¶1 Appellants Julia Kwok and William R. Satterfield appeal from a trial court order quieting title in favor of Intervenor and Appellee Mingo Energy, LLC. After review, we find no error and affirm.


         ¶2 The parties are familiar with the lengthy history, facts, and proceedings of this case, and we will repeat only the pertinent ones here. ONB Bank and Trust Company filed this quiet title action against Appellants claiming fee simple ownership of the surface interest of real property described as "[t]he West Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (W/2 SE/4 SW/4) of Section Twelve (12), Township Eighteen (18) North, Range Twelve (12) East of the Indian Base and Meridian, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, according to the U.S. Government Survey thereof." ONB alleged it "acquired interest and title in and to" the property and another tract of land through a sheriff's deed in June 2011, but later conveyed the property to Mingo Industries, LLC.

         ¶3 In response, Satterfield claimed "title to the subject property was not properly foreclosed in the non-judicial sale" because, after he received notice of the sale, he timely mailed his notice to the mortgagee that the property was his homestead and he elected judicial foreclosure. Kwok claims title by virtue of a quitclaim deed from Satterfield.

         ¶4 After ONB filed a motion for summary judgment, Appellants in a joint objection to the motion argued that the Oklahoma Power of Sale Mortgage Foreclosure Act (OPSMFA) does not support a judgment in ONB's favor. They claimed the notice of sale from Nationwide Capital Group, Inc., mistakenly directed Satterfield to file his objection in Oklahoma County, rather than Tulsa County where the property is located. Appellants asserted, "Despite the defective notice, the Tulsa County records reflect that on May 16, 2007, [Satterfield] sent notice via certified mail to [Nationwide] objecting to said sale and requesting a judicial foreclosure as required by Title 42 O.S. §45." They asserted that pursuant to 46 O.S. § 43, after Nationwide received the objection, it was required to pursue foreclosure by judicial proceeding. Appellants asserted the sale was null and void because the non-judicial sale failed to comply with the OPSMFA.

         ¶5 The trial court granted ONB's motion for summary judgment. A different division of this Court in Case No. 111, 584 reversed the trial court's decision and remanded the case for further proceedings. The Court stated it reversed the trial court's decision on the ground that:

the record establishes the presence of contested issues of material fact as to whether (1) Satterfield gave notice of his homestead claim and election for judicial foreclosure, (2) subsequent purchasers were put on inquiry of his claim, and (3) Satterfield had knowledge of the proceedings subsequent to his election for judicial foreclosure.

         The Court stated:

ONB moved for summary judgment, asserting the dispute was controlled by 46 O.S. 2011 §47 (A), which provides in part,
"The mortgagee's deed shall raise a presumption of compliance with the requirements of this act regarding the exercise of the power of sale and the sale of the property, including the giving of the notice of intention to foreclose and of sale and the conduct of the sale. Such deed shall constitute conclusive evidence of the meeting of such requirements in favor of purchasers for value and without actual notice so long as the failure to meet those requirements would otherwise render the sale only voidable and, even if the sale is void, after the passage of two (2) years from the date of the recording of the deed."
ONB submitted evidence showing the mortgagee's deed, conveying the property from Nationwide as mortgagee to Nationwide as buyer, was recorded July 11, 2007, and a deed from Nationwide to 75 Enterprises, L.L.C., with documentary stamps of $330.00. It submitted evidence that ONB became the owner of the property by sheriff's deed upon foreclosure of a mortgage from 75 Enterprises, L.L.C. ONB argued the mortgagee's deed became conclusive evidence of meeting the Act's requirements after the passage of two years from the date the deed was recorded.
In response, Satterfield argued that the "conclusive evidence" clause did not apply in this case because the grantee in the mortgagee's deed was not a bona fide purchaser for value without actual notice, inasmuch as Nationwide took title from itself. He argues the subsequent purchasers were not without notice, because his notice of homestead claim and election for judicial foreclosure were filed of record.
The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of ONB, making extensive findings of fact, including that over the past five years, the property had been conveyed to a third party who mortgaged it and a judicial foreclosure of that mortgage has been completed, resulting in a Sheriff's Deed to ONB. The trial court concluded that Satterfield and his grantee Kwok were "estopped by laches since the filing of the Sheriff's Deed in 2007 from asserting any claims now." It ...

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